I believe that the fine arts have a sacred root and function.

I believe that the physical world is patterned after the spiritual realm and that the beauties of the earth are embedded with the truths of heaven. 

I believe that the principles of truth, beauty, and virtue are all manifestations of the divine and that in the language of art they find their purest expression and finest synthesis in the conventions of classicism.

Niki Covington studied painting, sculpture and classical architecture among leading academies in US and Europe, including at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, the Grand Central Academy and the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) in New York, and the Beaux-Arts Academy. A passionate practitioner of the classical tradition, Niki received numerous scholarships and awards from each institution, culminating in the Prix de Rome fellowship to undertake private research in Rome with further studies to Jerusalem, Istanbul and Japan to discover the critical bridge between eastern and western traditions of classicism.  Niki Covington currently serves as a board member of the ICAA, and as an assistant director at the Beaux-Arts Academy, a classical art and architecture school dedicated to the education and the rejuvenation of the classical tradition. 

For inquiries, please contact NikiCovington@icloud.com

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